About Clarice Clique

Clarice Clique lives in a small terraced house in England dreaming of all the lives she is not living. Some of these dreams make it into stories and some of these stories make it into print. In 2009 she had her first novel published, a BDSM, sub/Dom story called Hot Summer Days, by Pink Flamingo Publications. In the following year she had a short story, The Tourist, published in the anthology series Sex in the City, by Accent Press and another short story called, Mirror, Mirror, published as an e-Book in Like A Queen: Lesbian Erotic Fairy Tales, by Circlet Press.

She is currently working on a few more novels, simultaneously hoping that somehow she will finish them in the next few years. However, she is easily distracted from her work by an internet addiction which means her brain is brimming over ‘facts’ about obscure television stars gleaned from Wikipedia. She owns many different shades of thigh-high boots ordered from a surprising variety of internet shops; she can count to ten in ten different languages; she has a secret life as a tall blue woman complete with tail, hooves and horns in a certain online game, and she is having several simultaneous internet affairs, wondering if cybersex and a nice vibrator might not actually in fact be better than the real thing.


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