Have you read the review of ‘Like A Queen’ by Kissed by Venus?

Kissed by Venus is a web site for the discussion and promotion of lesbian literature. They publish lesbian fiction, articles, book reviews and interviews.

Here is a short extract from the review on the anthology, Like A Queen: “As the title suggests, there are queens in this anthology: imperious women who expect to be obeyed and who openly seek carnal knowledge of wenches and princesses. What damsel could refuse them, and what man would dare intervene? However, the most fascinating characters in these stories are the witches, magical women who bend reality to their will and who recognize other women like themselves. There are some witch-queens here who combine characteristics of both, but in any contest of ‘Who Is Sexiest of Them All,’ the resourcefulness of the witches beats the regal panache of the queens hands down.

You can read the whole article here http://kissedbyvenus.ca/?p=2722


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