Attending Club Lash

On Friday I attended Club Lash.  Club Lash is a Fetish/SM event in Manchester which is held every second Friday of the month at The Tunnel in Legends, Manchester.


I was left with two endearing thoughts of Club Lash, one was the friendliness of the participants and the second was the magnificent costumes. But then the Rules of the Club is, to dress to impress. The members certainly achieved this.


I was made to feel so welcome and was devoured by hugs and embraces from all. One particular couple from Bradford were enticing and the lady’s outfit was spectacular. It was figure hugging and extremely sensual.  I struggled to keep my hands of her.


The club embraces all genders and all appeared to be present, particular males dressed in feminine outfits. I was surprised how many males are blessed with stunning legs! One lovely aspect of the club s you recognised the beauty of all people, of all sizes and shapes and of all genders. There is also a play area which you are welcome to join in or merely watch the activities that occur.


Entry is £15 for non members and £8 for members. If you are travelling to Manchester and need accommodation, there is a special deal available with the International Hotel which is just round the corner and on the same block as Legends. The Hotel was very pleasant and if booking there do mention that you attending Club Lash to get your discount.


I would strongly recommend that you visit this wonderful club. Do not allow the fact you have nothing to wear to forgo a visit. Many people attend and are able to dress to the monthly theme with so little expense, but this does not prevent the regular fetish goers to impress with their amazing outfits. Like wise, do not worry about your shape or size. You will find many people there that have shapes and sizes greater than your own. Yet you will recognise the beauty and sexuality from the diversity.

My new boots




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