Another story published in Chrissie Bently’s ‘The Bad Girl’s Sweet Kiss’.

On November 3, Xcite Books released The Bad Girl’s Sweet Kiss: A Blow-by-Blow Anthology of First-Time Fellatio and Other Oral Delights.

In ‘The Bad Girl’s Sweet Kiss’ Chrissie Bentley has brought together her own experiences as well as those of many other erotic writers from all over the world. Everybody’s first time is different. This is a lovely collection of believable, detailed situations that may well remind you of the way it happened to you. You’ll find something to shock, titillate and amuse you.

This collection, is available as an e-book for £2.99, is edited by Chrissie Bentley and Miranda Forbes and is available from

I am sure you can remember the day you lost your virginity but what about Oral sex? Can you remember when or with whom?  Maybe you can only remember his first name, ‘Mitchell … well, I can’t remember his last name anymore’. Shame on you, Reena.

How did you get on? Where you and expert like Marion who practised on bananas? ‘I’d peel ‘em back and see how far down my throat I could stick one.’ She claims that her lucky guy would never have believed that it was the first time she had sucked a guy off. Or where you terrified of making a fool of yourself? Did you have an inkling of what to do from a magazine of Cosmo or from a Porno?

What about the taste? Did you like it? Well never mind if you didn’t for your could always use a strawberry flavoured spray. That’s what Eleanor did. I guess it makes sense as she loves strawberries and cream.

How did it go? Was it messy? ‘I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to get great globs of dried come out of your hair, but it’s not easy.’ Hey but at least Lisa never got any come over her new blouse.  Maybe it was not quite what you expected when you were told that she wanted to kiss you on your lips? And Paul was really not expecting it to taste sweet. Yet it was only the taste of a cock that Gieselle recalls, she says it was sweet and salty, though she has no recollection whether it was big or small, or firm or flimsy, or veiny or smooth.

The men and women who tell their stories in this collection know what oral sex is. They know of its intimacy and its eroticism. This is a book about their first experience with oral sex. And the stories are as varied as the writers themselves. If you want to know about my experience well you will just have to read about it.


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