Ten Days In Penny’s Hands by Clarice Clique, D/s Erotica

Vanessa visits her good friend Penelope in hopes of sorting out her messed up life and receives an intriguing proposal in return.

Copyrighted © 2009 by Clarice Clique, all rights reserved.


The velvet hood that had been placed over her head prevented her from seeing any of the men that surrounded her. Nothing, however, could block out the strong smell of cigar smoke and expensive alcohol and, more than that, the indescribable but unmistakable scent of pure masculine sexual energy. She didn’t know how many of them there were watching her, there were many voices, but they all seemed to merge into one single command that she immediately obeyed.

Undo your blouse…take your skirt off…show us your tits…that’s it pull your panties to the side…now bend over…

She was naked dancing for them, gyrating and shimmying, willing them to gaze on and desire the sexual perfection of her body.

Fuck me, she thought, one of you bastards, all of you bastards, please fuck me.

But she didn’t have to wait for them; she reached between her legs and rubbed her fingers over her wet sex. This simple action was enough to provoke the men into action.

On your hands and knees, bitch.

Without thinking, she dropped to her knees.

Open your mouth.

Her lips parted and, immediately, a hard cock was pushed between them. There was no gentleness, just sexual hunger, as it was thrust into her throat making her gag. Then there were hands on her hips and another cock pressing into her pussy. She would have gasped with the sheer size, but the cock fucking her mouth prevented her. As these two men roughly used her, she felt more hands grabbing at her, pulling on her nipples, pinching her flesh. She felt the orgasm tear through her body in a way that was almost painful. Then, just as she was about to come, everything stopped.

Vanessa woke up panting. It took her a few moments to realize it had been a dream, that she was alone in her bedroom, and there were no men around her desperate to touch her exposed body. It was the third dream she had had about sex in as many days. At least this one was tamer than the rest.

She sighed; and, even if she couldn’t ignore the fact that her body was still reacting to the dream, she began to let the reality of a normal Sunday morning slide over her. Her head was pounding, and her mouth felt like she had been getting tongue friendly with a very smelly dog. She slowly, extremely slowly, swung her long legs out of bed, without wanting to she caught a glimpse of her reflection in her full length mirror and immediately looked away again. Her long blonde hair was a mass of tangles, and her face was haggard and wan. The phrase dragged through a hedge backward came to mind. She searched her mind to try and remember if she had done anything particularly embarrassing the night before. And then Gary walked into her room.

The sight of his near naked body made Vanessa think she might still be dreaming. Except she knew she wasn’t. Her memory was beginning to painfully return.

“That was some night last night, wasn’t it?” Gary’s voice cut through the air, making her head pound. “I couldn’t believe it when you started feeling me up. I mean, right from the day I moved in I’ve wanted you. I didn’t think women ever looked like you do in real life. All the lads want you. I didn’t believe you chose me.”

Vanessa buried her head in her hands, only peering out between her fingers to briefly glance at the muscular young man sitting beside her. She couldn’t trust herself at the moment; her mind was still hazy with the lust of her dreams. Even with the briefest of glances, though, she couldn’t mistake the red and purple pattern of scratches and bruises that decorated his naked flesh.

“Did you mean all those things you said to me last night?” Gary said trying to catch her eye.

Panic shot through her body, her memory was muddled, and her brain was still struggling with the fact of what she had done without having to contemplate what she might have said.

“Ever since you broke up with Steve, I’ve been hoping something would happen,” Gary said.

Vanessa felt herself shudder at that name mentioned in this situation.

“Steve and I haven’t broken up. We’re on a break. I just needed a bit of space to find myself.”

“To find me.” Gary leaned in to kiss her; but, without thinking, she turned away from him.

An awkward silence filled the room. Vanessa had never been in this situation before. There had always been only one man for her; she hadn’t even been attracted to anyone else. But there was no denying that here she was sitting on her bed with a naked man she had had sex with at least twice the night before. She was hoping she wouldn’t remember a third time.

“Space to find myself,” Vanessa said firmly, much more firmly than she felt.

“You’re going to tell me that last night meant nothing, and you were just drunk, right?” His voice was careless, but there was an unmistakable frown creasing his smooth skin.

Vanessa had read about things like this in magazines, but it had always been some bastard of a man trying to get rid of the woman after using her for sex and only wanting a one night stand despite all the lies he’d told in the moment. She knew for a fact that Gary himself had done it many a time, and not in the most thoughtful way. It was different, though, dealing with one of your housemates. She wished there was some sort of genetic programming that meant you instinctively knew how to act in these circumstances so that you didn’t humiliate yourself or hurt anyone else’s feelings.

Gary was staring at her, his mouth set in a firm line, but his eyes looked full of pain.

She nodded meekly in reply to the unanswered question that hung in the air between them.

“Bet you didn’t even remember the things you said to me?” he said.

She turned her head away from him. “Maybe it would be best if you went back to your own room and got some clothes on.”

Her head dropped into her hands as the door slammed behind him. The walls were too thin in this house to do anything but slightly muffle the sound of him storming round his room uttering every swear word known to man—as well as a few extra that he seemed to have invented for her benefit.

* * *

Vanessa speaking to her good friend Penelope…

“In just ten days I’m going to be thirty. And what have I done with my life? Everyone always used to say how bright I was and what wonderful things I would do with my life, how I could be anything I wanted. When I got a scholarship to your school, my parents were so proud of me, now we hardly talk without ending up arguing about how disappointed they are with me. They didn’t understand why I dropped out of my PhD to work full time in your flower shop, and now I don’t understand either. I am a thirty year old woman; and, instead of being in the middle of a flourishing science career, I’m a florist living in a student house with lads who, in a couple of years, will be earning triple my wage.”

Penelope spoke slowly as if every word she uttered had been carefully chosen. “Where’s this coming from? You’ve always led me to believe that you were significantly happier being a florist than you would have been as a scientist. Your relaxed style of life, playing mother hen to all the new students and fucking Steven whenever you’re not on a break, of course, all seemed to suit you.”

“I am happy. But don’t you see? I should be doing so much more with my life. I had so much potential, and I’ve wasted it all. Look at you, living in this mansion that you bought on a whim and then look at me, all my possessions cramped in the same room I lived in when we were students together. I think I’ve been happy but only because I’ve been avoiding life. I had so much potential, but I’ve let myself drift along doing whatever seemed easier. The flower shop was nicer and more relaxing than battling with my physics PhD, and I never moved out because it was easy to stay in the same house with the students rather than struggling alone in the big wide world.”

Fresh tears were stinging her eyes. Yesterday, she wouldn’t have recognized these thoughts as belonging to her, but the words had tumbled out of her mouth like a torrent of water breaking free from a badly made dam.

“It has been too long since we have spoken like this, Ness. I never realized how unsatisfied you felt.”

“Neither did I.”

Penelope was silent for a moment before she turned to Vanessa with a tone of resolution in her voice. “To make up for all the time I have been away, I am going to dedicate the next ten days to sorting your life out. Your thirtieth birthday will be one of the happiest days of your life, not the beginning of a life crisis.”

Vanessa looked up at her friend for the first time since they had started this conversation. Penelope’s voice was so certain and commanding.

“You think you can sort out all the problems in my life in a few days?”

“Yes. Your timing couldn’t be better. I had planned a few weeks rest, and now you have provided me with the perfect project for my holiday.”

Vanessa had a feeling she should feel indignant, but Penelope’s total self assurance was irresistible. “So how are you going to sort me out then? What do I have to do?”

“All you have to do, Ness, is obey me. Do everything I tell you do.”

Vanessa smiled. “I’m having a life crisis because I have lost control of my life and the answer is to stop making decisions for myself and just obey you?”


Vanessa laughed at her friend’s seriousness. “So you’re going to tell me everything I need to do?”

“Yes. However, it will only work if you seriously commit to obeying me without question.”

“What, like one of your servants?”


Vanessa was still smiling; the whole situation seemed like one of the old Penelope’s jokes.

“You are still the same little girl I found lonely and lost in the playground. I looked after you then, and I will look after you now.”

Vanessa stared into her friend’s eyes searching to see if anything else was lurking there; Penelope returned the stare in a way that Vanessa felt was more challenging than comforting. Vanessa looked away first.

“Do you agree to my terms?”

“What terms? It sounds like you’re going to draw up a business agreement between us.”

Penelope laughed. “I think we’ve known each other long enough to trust each other, but there is no harm in having a little written reminder for you.”

Vanessa started to smile, but Penelope’s face immediately became devoid of expression. “There is pen and paper in the bureau.”

Vanessa paused unsure for a moment what she was supposed to do before quietly obeying. She watched silently as Penelope quickly covered the blank sheet with her neat handwriting.

“If you are happy with the arrangement, sign and date at the bottom,” Penelope said handing the paper and pen back to Vanessa.

Vanessa slowly read through the words, they seemed to be part of one of her dreams.

From the 1st of August until my thirtieth birthday on the 10th of August, I will obey every command, order, and whim of Ms. Penelope Jayne Hamilton. I will never ignore or disobey an order. I will never question Ms. Hamilton about anything she commands me to do. I understand that if I break this agreement, the arrangement between Ms. Hamilton and I will immediately be terminated. In exchange for my complete obedience, Ms. Hamilton guarantees that I will be smiling, not crying, on my thirtieth birthday

“What is the difference between a command, an order, and a whim? And what if I don’t understand what you’ve told me to do, can I ask a question then?”

Penelope responded to Vanessa’s laughter with a small smile. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you understand everything you need to.”

“It says here you’ll guarantee I’ll be smiling, not crying, on my birthday, what happens if your amazing organizational skills don’t work and I am crying, do I get some sort of refund?”

“I didn’t imagine not being able to satisfy you, Ness, but if you need some sort of reassurance, I promise you that if I don’t fulfill my side of the agreement when you have fulfilled yours, then I will let you have power over me for ten days.”

Vanessa couldn’t prevent herself giggling at how serious her petite friend looked, and the idea that she could have control of Pen for a fortnight seemed so much more ridiculous than Pen making all her decisions that Vanessa happily signed the piece of paper without another word.

“Your methods are already working; you’ve made me smile even though it still feels like my life is a total mess.”

She tried to hand the piece of paper, now with her signature on it, back to Penelope, but Penelope shook her head.

“You keep it. It is to remind you what you have agreed to, not me.”

Vanessa read through it again before carefully folding it up and placing it in the back pocket of her jeans.

“So what do we do now?”

“A maid will show you to your room where you can take a shower and await my orders.”

“My room?”

“You will be staying here until your birthday.”

“Okay, but I’ll need to get some things from home. I’ve got no clothes or toiletries or anything.”

“Vanessa, I’ve said I’ll look after you. I have no intention of breaking our agreement, do you?”

“No, I don’t.” Vanessa’s gaze dropped to the floor; she felt like the servant outside who had been immediately humbled by the sternness of Penelope’s tone.

There was no further conversation between the two women. Penelope opened the door to the lounge and a young maid immediately appeared and curtsied low to her mistress. Vanessa didn’t see or hear Penelope give the maid any order, but she found herself following the maid through the labyrinth that was Penelope’s house and being left alone in a large bedroom. It had an en suite bathroom with a walk in shower. Vanessa looked at it for a long time, thinking how wonderful it would feel to have her body refreshed by cold water. She could almost feel it running down her body, splashing against her nipples and streaming between her legs. She walked out of the bathroom, determined not to give into temptation. She sat cross legged on the large bed that dominated the room and waited for her friend. She didn’t know when Penelope was going to call her but she would be ready for her, not be caught out in the middle of a shower.

There was no clock in the room; Vanessa could only see the hours passing through the window as the sun made its journey through the clear sky. A few times she opened the door and looked into the corridor, but the whole house seemed completely still, so she continued to obey Penelope and waited in the room until the heat, boredom, and the remains of her hangover pulled her into a fitful sleep

Vanessa was awakened by a sharp ringing noise. She turned over, trying to bury her head in the soft pillow to muffle out all sound. But the noise was relentless, digging its way into the heart of her dreams. She opened her eyes and looked sleepily around her. The room was draped in darkness and it took her a moment to discern that the sound trilling through her ears was caused by a phone placed in the centre of the bedside cabinet. She stared at it for several moments, willing it to be silent. She didn’t want to wake up, she wanted to remain asleep, she’d been dreaming about Penelope’s butler, he’d been telling her in that superior voice that she was a dirty girl who needed to be punished; but, instead of punishing her, he’d left her to answer a bell that wouldn’t stop ringing. She wanted to disappear back into her dreams and find him again, discover exactly what he was going to do to her. Instead, she reached a tired arm out and picked up the receiver.


“Vanessa, come to my dressing room immediately.” And then the only sound was the buzzing of the disconnected tone.

She lay there uncertain whether the incident with the butler or the phone call had been the dream. But even while she was dismissing everything from having sex with Gary, to the agreement with Penelope, and this latest phone call as figments of her runaway imagination, her body began to crawl out of the bed.

Her clothes felt heavy on her body and too hot even for the middle of the night. Mentally, she went to the bathroom, peeled her clothes off, and luxuriated in the feeling of the cooling water of the shower against her skin. Physically, she stumbled out of her room and into the corridor.

The corridors were unlit and, even though her eyes were beginning to discover their night vision, she had to grope along the walls to find her way. Not that she knew where her way was, there had not been any time to ask Penelope exactly where her dressing room was before the phone had been hung up.

The corridors seemed long and didn’t seem to lead anywhere. Vanessa felt as though she was walking in circles, or big rectangles to be more precise. If she had known how she would have returned to her bedroom and succumbed to the sleep her body was begging for, but as that had ceased to become an option, she wandered through the house hoping that she would find Penelope before she allowed her body to slump into the thick carpet and steal as much sleep from the morning as she could.

She turned yet another corner, her hands following the hard line of the wall, when her fingers touched something soft and smooth, which was unmistakably human skin. She screamed out and jumped backwards. Her heart was beating fast, but she was frozen to the spot. She couldn’t run, she couldn’t speak; all she could do was stand there and feel completely terrified.

Then a hand gripped her wrist. She opened her mouth to scream again, but no sound came out. She silently begged for mercy, prayed this was all part of another one of her strange dreams. The hand was moving up her arm. She was vaguely aware that the fingers felt slender, like a woman’s, but it was all she could do to force herself to keep breathing. The grip loosened as the fingers spread out as if to more easily explore her flesh, and Vanessa was surprised at how calmly she reacted beneath her panic. She sharply pulled away, turned backwards, and stretched her legs out to run as fast as she could for as long as she could.

Then a light flashed on above her, and Vanessa’s eyes blinked with the dazzling effect. When she had recovered, she saw that Penelope was standing in front of her with her arms crossed.

“You obviously do not know the meaning of immediately.”

Vanessa was so relieved to see her friend that she completely ignored the anger in the small woman’s voice and stumbled forward to hug her. Penelope brushed her away as if she was an annoying insect.

“Where do you think you were running to? Don’t tell me you’re scared already.”

“There’s, there’s, there’s someone,” Vanessa tried to force the words out, but she was barely capable of speech.

“Follow me,” Penelope said and began to walk back down the corridor in the direction that Vanessa had been fleeing from.

Vanessa quickly turned and grabbed Penelope’s arm. “No, there’s someone there.”

“I know, I can see them perfectly well,” Penelope said and shook free of Vanessa.

Vanessa followed Penelope’s gaze, but her heart was still beating fast. She looked at the wall and saw an incredibly white hand topped with long red finger nails. Her eyes travelled up the equally white arm, past an elegant long neck, over scarlet painted lips until she found a pair of green eyes staring at her. There was something more than the fact of their color that made Vanessa feel like a hungry cat was appraising whether she was worth eating or not. There were not many women she had to look up to, but this woman was at least two inches taller than she was. Vanessa felt intimidated and entirely mesmerized as if she was in the presence of an entirely new species of being.

“Don’t be scared, little thing,” the woman said reaching out her hand and slowly tracing the line of Vanessa’s cheek with one of her nails. “I am mostly harmless.”

“Stop staring, Vanessa, and follow me,” Penelope commanded and began walking at a fast pace down the corridor.

Vanessa trotted after her, but she could not focus entirely on her friend; her gaze strayed back to the green eyes. With a wider perspective, she now saw a man standing lazily next to the porcelain skinned woman, both were looking at her and their expressions showed they were clearly amused by her; however it was not their faces that remained in Vanessa’s mind long after Penelope had marched her around yet another corner and into the dressing room, it was the fact that the woman’s top had been ripped to reveal her right breast and the man’s tanned hand had been casually caressing the exposed strawberry nipple.



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  1. daisy Says:

    Oh do I recognise my favourite story here?

  2. Matt Richards Says:

    So pleased that you have done this Ms Clique, now others will see why I rate you as a writer

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