What wonderful accolade!

I was recently browsing some interesting sites when I cam across this post in fet life. I am so flattered to be associated with the likes of Stephen Elliott, Pauline Reague and Rachel Kramer Bussel.

What effect has Erotic Literature had on you?

For me, as a teenager it was through reading erotic literature that I realised I was submissive. It was through this form of literature that I explored and understood this scene and came to understand myself. Learning what it is that stimulates me and giving me the boldness to explore my own sexuality.

I wonder how it was for you. And what impact erotic and more specifically BDSM literature has had on your own lives and development?. Before the rise of the internet it was the only form of initial exploration that existed for me. I ask this as a thank you to the writers out there, specifically to Stephen Elliott, Clarice Clique, Pauline Reague and Rachel Kramer Bussel.

I would esp like to thank Stephen Elliott whose honesty and vulnerability revealed in his memoirs have given me the strength to make my fantasy a reality. Also to my latest find, Clarice Clique whose work i find extremely stimulating and in the way that it touches me so personally. It is her novel, Hot Summer Days that is by far my favourite – if you have not tried it I highly recommend it. What’s more like the others mentioned here it is so beautifully written.


I don’t have a story, but erotic lit. Is integral in my life. It’s inspiring, arousing and enjoyable.

I enjoy reading erotic writings occasionally … it can be extremely arousing and cathartic.

I like erotic literature. I can’t say whether I like it more or just as much as movies or animation though. I remember becoming aroused when I was young from naughty scenes in various books. Now that I’m older I really like finding series that blend some erotica with a good storyline that’s separate from the erotica like the Kushiel series and some of Laurell K Hamilton’s books.

Like the OP, my early exposure to very kinky erotic literature(“Rubber Clinic”, “Rubber Enema Nurses”) fueled, fed and nurtured my submissive and objectification fantasies that are now being realized.We both enjoy some current erotic fiction that feeds into our mutual kinks and desires around total enclosure, slavery and objectification.I have periodically(more often than not) written of our interactions for her to have as a breathing document of our journey together.

I read… a lot. Not all of the wank material I find is what I would call “literature,” however. The line between literature and smut seems to be widening, but every so often there is a gem of inspiration where I least expect it. I think that my love of reading is a significant part of why my website is so wordy. When so many others throw up about 20 keywords and run, I seem to be writing a mini novel for every video. I think that is a good example of marketing to myself. I secretly hope it will encourage more women to check it out.


When in college I read Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex. Later, Nancy Friday’s My Secret Garden. But although I found these books insightful, they were not very erotically stimulating. A few years back I found The Best American Erotica collections and enjoy them greatly.

It started when I found my father’s copy of Story of O. I read that when I was 13 through 15, it was my first real literature of any form. I identified with O and really loved all the careful escalation and the graven seriousness of it. I remember reading Penthouse forum letters. The ultimate through is I got some friends grandfather’s porno collection, and in there was some mid 70s Club magazines, and they had these extreme fantasies that were way beyond any young interests of mine, but it fascinated me because it was so far out there. Later when I read Venus in Furs I got very depressed, hoping that as a submissive I wasn’t being such a monster. Severin is a total manipulating control freak, though some of the prose about classical dominant women was amazing. Later I found a copy of Coming to Power in my University’s rare books library, and that did it. Once I read Pat Califia it was like my life had changed. The only place that would even order these books for me was the gay bookstore.



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