Thursday on the Tube!

With my book in hand I strolled onto the tube. The air was musty and thick, as usual it reeked of body odours. I glanced around and scanned the unattractive and bland faces. It was crammed but one vacant seat remained left by an exiting traveller. I took it promptly.

The man sat directly opposite was studying my exposed legs. He looked up to me and I returned his stare, my expression asking, ‘Do you want a picture?’ He interpreted this correctly and he returned to his own book. He did have a cute face but was little too slim for my preference. I smiled to myself with the power I had just imposed and in a sign of triumph I crossed my legs allowing the hem of my dress to rise higher. It was the summer and the temperature was high in the seventies… so as usual for me, I was wearing a cool summer dress with no panties.

I turned to my book, ‘Cuckhold’ by Kiran Nagarkar. It is a hauntingly beautiful Indian historical fiction novel. Again I became aware of this same stranger peering in my direction. I returned my gaze but was surprised to note, he was not looking at my legs but the cover of my book. He then took out a notepad and pen from his rucksack, I assume, to write down the name of the book. I was impressed that he new the meaning of the title and this made him mildly intriguing. I exposed more of the cover to him as I studied him more closely.

Hmm are you a bull or cuck? Cuck for sure, and what a great cuck you would make too… I thought.  These thoughts were making me more excited and I felt flushed and hot and not just because of the temperature. I moved slightly… opening my legs wider. He looked up to me and returned my smile.

I wanted this hand to touch my now moist pussy… I’m lucky to have a pussy that is open and at the front with plump soft lips. I could feel the moisture in my pussy starting to flow in anticipation of this mystery hand making contact. God it was amazing I wanted to open my legs and put the hand right up my dress there and then.

The train started slowing for the next stop, my heart was in my mouth when he got up and moved closer to me to speak.

‘Excuse me Ma’am, your book, have I got the name of the author correctly’, he showed me what he had written.

In my sweetest voice, and with a large smile, I corrected the Christian name he had written. He looked straight at me and said,

‘It looks like a very fascinating read.’

I replied. It is!’

‘As are you’, I thought

Thank you, again and with that he walked of the tube, looking over his shoulder back at me. Two stops later I had to get off so I had time to compose myself… my legs were like jelly at the prospect of training this lovely young cuck. My pussy was really wet and sticky and the walk to the office was uncomfortable. I dived straight into the loos. I lifted my dress in front of the mirror and my pussy was swollen and my clitty was sticking out. I bathed my pussy with some cool water and dried myself. I was so horny all day. Needless to say I didn’t get much work done and I made several trips to the loo that day to have another little play.


One Response to “Thursday on the Tube!”

  1. daisy67 Says:

    I do wish you would tell me when you are going on the tube!

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