Waiting for my Parcel

I have been truly busy writing and trying to find the time to message all my real friends. Summer is almost here, and today I have been enjoying the rays of the sun. I really enjoy the feeling of the sun kissing my naked body. I actually enjoy just being alone at times, naked in my garden. Just me and mother nature, no material things to worry about.

I laid in the sun and thought of my latest clothing I have purchased on line and what I would look like wearing it.  I would be able to smell my perfume mixed with the fresh aroma of my black skin tight latex cat suit. It is cut to allow full view of my breasts.  It should form a deep inviting cleavage. I will go with my high heeled boots that are laced at the front and reached just below my knees. My hands would also be gloved in black latex. I shall tie my hair back off my face into a ponytail.

I thought of how warm and sweaty I would be in my cat suit. As these thoughts developed I had to give up on the sunbathing and return to my bed where upon I played with my toys. But still I hear it will be another glorious day tomorrow so I shall catch up on the sunbathing then, unless of course my parcel arrives!


2 Responses to “Waiting for my Parcel”

  1. Ray Says:

    That catsuit sounds very sexy, would love to see pics of you in it please??? Your Slut, Ray.

  2. daisy67 Says:

    I agree with Ray, just the mere thought of you in it stirs up all possibilities. I assume you have it now?

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