My Week

I have written a good story this week, two hedonists enjoying each other with a freedom and ease that is based on all my best relationships. Now it is just hoping that the editer I sent it to is in a good mood when he reads it.

Feeling lonely tonight even though I had great sex this morning, watched some porn, indulged in my favourite fantasies but still wanting some company, anyone out there want to send some positive sensual vibes my way?
Hoping for a bit of sunshine at the weekend as I want to get an all over tan, and I know the perfect place where naked sunbathing can lead to some very interesting encounters.


2 Responses to “My Week”

  1. daisy67 Says:

    It is so good to read about your week Clarice. The very best of luck with your latest story. I too hope the editor accepts it. It seem such a long time since I have read some of your work.

    So just where is this location for sun bathing, and did you say what time you would be there? Just wondered whether you would sign my copies of your books?


    Wow that sounds amazing ma’am, i wish i knew were this place is were you go lol.

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